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Global Search, Product Selection and Negotiation with Suppliers (Procurement)

Procurement is an activity based in a global expansion strategy that allows the acquisition of products/services:

  • in the right quantity and quality
  • at the right time and right place
  • at the least possible cost
  • meeting every client’s needs

The main advantages of procurement are related with the identification of alternative suppliers, the construction of cooperation between partners and a major competition.

This activity values not only the desired quality, the acquisition time and cost, but also the transportation methods, logistics and storage. As a result, this becomes a highly effective tool when responding to the market.


Consultancy and Project Development

Following the most modern management tendrs, Cavex provides its clients services in identification, development and application for projects with national and international funds, guarantying also the monitoring of the processes in each phase.

Performing with partnership ideals, Cavex identifies the guidelines and equipment necessary to the strategic development and the project execution, favouring the access to its clients and the incorporation of actives in the company.

The consultancy services that Cavex provides are in several areas, from agro-industrial to design, environment, and tourism, companies’ creation, marketing, communication and others.


Products Placement in the Market

This aspect that comes right before the selling act as one of the most important  to entrepreneurial success. With complete awareness of this fact, Cavex tries to conciliate the type of product with the transportation characteristics and the market itself to always offer the best solution to its clients.

Therefore there is a concern with the transportation and the conditioning of the raw materials according to the type of product, transportation and market.



As it happens in all companies, Logistics is the responsible area for providing resources, equipments and information for the execution of all activities in Cavex

When it comes to Logistics, Cavex ensures in a rapid and strict way the transportation, the material handling, storage, and request’s processing and information management (from its origin till the consumption point) aiming to meet its clients' expectations.