Specialized Brands
Specialized Brands

Cavex is aware of the markets' social reality and offers a practical solution focussed on disfavoured populations.
The ORYX professional tool kits and mini workshops are a brand of social development, a path to professional introduction, promoting the economic sustainability of the target communities.


SolAfric is a specialized brand of Cavex for the alternative energies. Entirely focused on the African countries, it presents a diversified set of energetic solutions that use of the extraordinary natural resources of that Continent, to become highly sustainable and environment friendly.



Kusuca is a term that derives from the verb to grind. And just how the name itself shows, is an equipment made by a hammer mill of major utility for little agricultural units development, of fruit and cereals processing (ex: corn, cassava, sorghum, etc.)



A brand of mixers that constitutes a precious equipment for every construction work, with extreme reliability and resistance, distinguishing iteself at this point from all competitors.